How I Potty Train My Kids: Diapers to Underwear in Under 3 Days

Potty training. The looming cloud on the horizon as your infant creeps closer and closer to the toddler stage. If it’s your first child and you’re anything like me, your mind is blazing with questions…How do I know when she’s ready? What exactly am I supposed to do? How long will it take? If it’s …

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Why We Homeschool

Homeschooling. It’s amazing how a topic can evoke such a vast array of responses from different people. Homeschoolers often dread the possibility of the topic coming up in casual conversation with those who choose more traditional schooling options for fear of being judged, stereotyped, or misunderstood. And non-homeschoolers often seem to be unsure of how …

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Time Out for Mommy

Confession… I am currently hiding in my room, eating the last piece of my daughters’ birthday cake (they just turned 4 and 6 this week), while my children are watching Milo and Otis (I really have no idea why I enjoyed that movie so much as a kid). I walked to my room, told my kids …

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